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Where to buy a flight suit?

When it comes to buying a professional flight suit, there are several factors that we have to consider before buying it. At CarterNY you can buy high-quality flight suits online. We are the best online store where you can buy the flight suits that you can wear throughout your vigorous duties in total comfort.

The best thing about CaterNY is that we are a trusted and reliable supplier where you can get flight suits that will prove to be the best for any air force pilot. From the fabric, length, adjustments, in fact, each and every detail of the suit will grab your attention. Our suits are in stock and ready for you.

Carterny is ISO certified, which makes us the best choice for the military to buy the best quality flight suit. The US military uses our site whenever they have to buy flight suits for their air force corps. We are the their top choice manufacturer, and we are proud to have served the US military for a long time.

Contours of Flight Suits of Carterny

We know that getting a flight suit for military flights is a task that needs great attention to detail while buying because a flight suit isn’t an ordinary suit. That’s why you need to ask about the features and benefits that you need so you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice.

Flight Suit

You know the fabric is the significant factor in the making of a flight suit. We use Nomex fabric in the production of our flight suits so that these suits can perform best in duty. Nomex fabric is considered the best fabric for fire resistance, and that’s why we use it in our flight suits. So, In an emergency, the fabric can work as it was intended. Nomex fabric is as durable as the USA military, and of the same high quality.

Nomex Fabric

If we are talking about Carterny’s Nomex flight suit, then lets discuss the qualities of Nomex fabric which we use in the production of our flight suits. We know that working in the air force means exposing yourself to risky conditions. In such circumstances, the fabric that your suit is made from should perform well under such situations like flash fire and electric burns. Nomex fabric is the best fabric to use in the manufacturing of any flight suits. As far as cleaning is concerned, Nomex fabric is very easy to keep clean as well.

CWU 27/P Flight Suit

The CWU 27/P is our signature flight suit. The CWU 27/P flight suit is specially manufactured for the USA army so that they can feel comfortable while performing their strenuous duties. The highest quality dyed Nomex fabric is used in the production of these special suits for truly special people. These flight suits from Carterny are made according to the military needs and specifications. The cwu 27 p flight suits contain meta-aramid of 92%, Para-aramid of 5%, and conductive fibre of 3%. The suit has six basic pockets and an additional pocket on the left inseam for carrying a knife. In short, it has all the necessary things that make flight suit perfect for the air force officers.
What are you waiting for? Reach for us now, and grab the highest quality flights suits from us!

Why Choose Us?

We are the premier and trusted online store that provide customers with the highest quality flight suits available. We treat quality as a priority, and we never compromise on that. Our military officers never fail in protecting us, and we never let them down by giving them low-quality products.

Nomex Flight Suit Deals

If you’re a pilot, you’ll know the importance of wearing a high-quality flight suit to keep you safe in the air. It couldn’t be more important to take all precautions when you’re flying so you can be ready for any eventuality. Even though you are highly trained you should still make sure but all essential steps are taken before you take off on a flight. this is where a Nomax flight suit can prove to be indispensable.

Why Do I Need A Flight Suit?

While you are very well trained as a pilot, and stay up-to-date with cutting-edge safety techniques so you can make all the necessary flight maneuvers, you can never be entirely certain that an unexpected event will never occur mid-flight. Although it is very unlikely, aircraft do sometimes malfunction, so ensuring that you’re prepared for such a situation arising is paramount.

A Nomex flight suit can give you great peace of mind in this respect. When you wear a Nomex flight suit, you can be confident that you will be well-protected from dangerous cockpit conditions. These suits are the number one choice of the United States Defense Force due to the fact that they offer an exceptional level of protection for the wearer.

Why Choose A Nomex Flight Suit?

There are several manufacturers of flight suits on the market today, so why is the Nomex suit such a good choice, especially as it isn’t the cheapest? The answer is quite simple.

Unlike other, cheaper flight suits, Nomex flight suits are designed to US military specs. Created to be fire resistant for the pilot’s safety, they offer outstanding protection against extreme temperatures and flames. Not only that, they also offer protection against abrasion and chemical degradation.

Nomex suits have been created to withstand tensile stress, even at temperatures as high as 400 degrees Celsius, so you can be confident of your own safety, even if you find yourself facing dangerous conditions.

Let’s not forget, too, that Nomex flight suits are comfortable when worn thanks to their breathable material construction for added coolness and a perfect fit, helping you to move easily when in the air. It’s no wonder that we’re the only official US military supplier for the US Defense Force!

Getting The Best Nomex Flight Suit Deals

Nomex flight suits certainly aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they give you amazing value for money. After all, who can put a price on your peace of mind? Also, if you’re buying in bulk from us, you can benefit from fantastic discounts, so you should definitely buy from us. As we also always have a wide range of Nomex suits in stock, you can be confident of receiving your order quickly, so you can take off in safety before you know it!


Future of Flight and Aviation

A Look At The Future Of Flight


 The Future of Flight


Man has always been fascinated with flight, with mythical tales dating back to ancient times, such as Icarus. In China at around 400 BC, the discovery was made that kites could fly in the air and since then, humans have been obsessed with the idea of flying themselves.


The history of aviation is one littered with important landmarks and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Here’s a look back at the journey to take to the air and where aviation is likely to be heading in the future.


The History of Aviation


Before thinking about where flight is heading it’s first, necessary to take a look at where it’s been. For centuries, the focus was solely on trying to create bird-wings for humans but the differences in the musculature and bone density prevented take-off.


In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci started to come close to a viable idea with his “Ornithopter” sketches that would later form the basis for the modern helicopter.


The Montgolfier brothers were the first to get mankind airborne with their hot air balloon in 1783. Otto Lilienthal, a German engineer, was the design a glider capable of carrying a person for long distances.


In 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright were the first to create a plane with an engine and a propeller and successfully completed a flight. From this moment, humans were truly airborne for the very first time.


Over the following decades, the design of airplanes became increasingly sophisticated with lightweight metals such as aluminum replacing wood and fabric, and radar, communications equipment, and autopilot systems gradually introduced.


What’s next?


With forecasts predicting the number of air passengers to increase to 7.8 billion by 2036, there’s a need for aviation to grow and develop at a rapid rate. Carbon emissions and the concern over the environmental effect is another reason why the industry is drawing on the latest technology.


Concept flights have proven that electric planes are a possibility but more work is still needed on the density of the batteries. Although current technology isn’t quite where it needs to be to achieve an electric transcontinental flight, the indications are that it’s not far off.


Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are two new areas which have attracted a lot of interest. However, rather than buzzing around restricted areas and causing alarm, these types of technology have the ability to revolutionize the industry.


One product already in development in Europe can be flown in three different modes: with a pilot on board and in control, remotely by a pilot on the ground or flown remotely but with an additional pilot in the cockpit for vigilance. The ultimate aim is for customers to be able to use these aircraft like a taxi, entering their destination and flying off into the distance – almost like an Uber of the sky.


This may sound farfetched but AI already has the capability to take off, land and cruise the planes without human intervention, so technology is just a short few steps away. Other visions for the future of aviation include blended wings and high-res images of the sky outside being projected onto the walls of the plane. Pilots will still be needed and they’ve not been forgotten; new technology is in development which sits over their eyes to provide enhanced vision and perception of everything from terrain and airspace to traffic and weather.


Carter Industries Inc. have always been at the forefront of innovation, with Nomex flight suits and coveralls supplied to both the military and commercial sector alike. The future of aviation looks exciting and you can be sure that Carter Industries Inc. will be continuing to equip pilots with the products they need.